History of the Scuds Social Golf Club Inc.

About the early 1990’s it appears that two groups of players, played regularly at Whaleback Golf course, and though they did not know each other, there seemed to be some banter and some animosity, between the groups, which occurred because they were both vying for the same tee off time about 8:30 am on a Saturday.

You may recognise some of the names:
Steve Roy, Wayne Blackmore,Archie Leonard,“Boom Boom” ?  Bruce Jackson, Mike Tappenden “Tapo”, Mike “Paddy” Dobson and George Gafney                    

The two groups got together in 1991 and decided to join forces and to form a club. Several names were considered but the chosen one was The Scuds Social Golf Club, the name came about because it was around the time of the first “Gulf War” where Scud missiles were being fired at Israel and going off in all sorts of direction rarely hitting their target, which as someone suggested was just what these guys did regularly, aiming for the hole but going everywhere but!

So the “Scuds Social Golf Club” was the name chosen although one of the common threads that bought about the amalgamation was that several were involved in the “Rag Trade”, pardon the pun and Steve Roy a founding member still embroiders our club shirts.  The formation occurred before Steve Roy’s wedding and as most of the club at the time attended it was agreed to formally form the club.

They put posters up and attracted members and officially formed in December 1991 and starting playing in 1992 setting the opening day the first week of February 1992, by that time they had quite a few members and put out a fixtures book.  

1993 They joined the WA Golf league (WAGL) and used their handicap system to work out handicaps so with a printed fixture list they started competitions. The first presentation night was at Terry Quale’s Home initially only one club champion was declared: 1993 Kevin Toplas with George Gafney as runner up, (see honours page) but later three grades were used, the next presentation night was also at someone’s house but eventually they started using The Treasure House Chinese Restaurant and later at bigger venues like the RAAFA Club or Melville GladesGolf Club.

They started to arrange some away games at other courses and by 1993 they had a well-organized fixture and competition underway. The away games became known as the Touring Pro Award and some novelty games were also created.  The club grew rapidly being a very friendly group and eventually moved over to Golf Link and their easier handicap system and also became incorporated after creating a constitution and by-laws.

In 1995 They started Monthly Medals and some members that have now passed on have their names on these monthly stroke rounds, they also started an Eclectic, again one only initially but now in three grades A, B and C Grade. And by 1996 there was a Presidents Trophy for all the monthly winners now known as The Champion of Champions Trophy.

In 2000 it was suggested that the group go on a South West Tour playing in Busselton/Bunbury and the first tour was in 2001 and has continued since that date, Rob Waterer suggested an over seas tour and a group with partners went to Thailand Hua Hin, , followed by tours to Kota Kinabalu, Phuket and some interstate tours as well to Cairns, Melbourne and Kalgoorlie.

The club is still running very well and new members are always welcome you can apply on this web site.



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The SCUDS Social Golf Club was founded in 1990 playing season started in 1991/2

SCUD - A missile with a range of approximately 300 km  used by Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War and in the Gulf Wars about the 1990's often with erratic and inaccurate flight paths and direction. Perfectly suited to our members ability at golf.

Our invitation to you

If you have a desire to join a very social group of golfers on a variety of handicaps please contact any committee member or the person listed below.

We play at Whaleback on Saturday mornings,
We play approximately
5 Par Rounds,
15 Stroke Rounds,
18 Stableford Rounds and
15 Novelty Rounds

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We play 11 or 12 away venues from

ballCaramarballMarri Parkball The CutballHillview

Meadow SpringsballSecret HarbourballMarangaroballEl Caballo ballMaylands

Plus the Mid Year South West Country Trip weekend playing at either Margaret River Golf Club, Capel Golf Club, Dunsborough Lakes, Busselton GC, Old Bunbury Course, The Sanctuary Golf Club or Bunbury GC etc.

A, B & C Grade Club Championship
(Stroke) played March, April, May, June & July (best three rounds)

Monthly Medal (Stroke) each month & Champion of Champions Trophy (January)

Touring Pro Trophy (Stableford) best 4 away venue scores

The Richard Kuzimski Par Memorial Trophy (Par) best 3 Par scores

Eclectic for A, B & C Grade (February - December)

We have a weekly range of prizes for winners, runners up and thi2019rd place; plus a range of novelty skills and a ball sweep.

There is an International/Interstate Tour most years (in 2017 Thailand, 2018 will be Melbourne)

Membership is $100.00 per season (Includes WA Golf membership, GolfLink handicap card and Hole-In-One fees)
Competition fee is course fee with or without cart, plus $10.00 Competition Fee and ball sweep

The SCUDS Social golf club inc., invite you to join them on Saturday mornings for a game of golf in an organised competition get a recognised Golf Link handicap, membership to GolfWA and the opportunity to play for weekly  1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and six novelty hole prizes (Nearest the pin, best second shot or longest putt etc.) plus a ball sweep, and  membership of our Social Club, automatic hole in one club and optional birdie club. Our season starts in February, but new members are welcome all year.
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We play Stroke, Par, Stableford, rounds and some special games like Stableford Pairs, Ambrose 4 Ball, 4 Club Golf and Match Play. Members play for a Monthly Medal, and a Club Championship (A, B & C  grades) and A, B & C Grade Eclectic throughout the year. see Competitions Page



Scuds Social Golf Club


Membership is $100.00 p.a. which includes your SCUDS membership, GolfWA membership and a Golf Link Card. (A Golf Link Handicap card allows you to play in club competitions throughout Australia and in most other countries plus join in international competitions to win major prizes).. The Fixtures book allows you to choose either to play every week or whenever you want, all at discounted local course costs, cart hire (if requested) and a small competition fee.

We would be very happy to welcome you to a social group of golfers who share a common theme, competitive organised golf with fun. Our social group organise nights out and annual events for you and your partner. Overseas Tours: In 2018 the club plan an International or Interstate tour traveling to Melbourne or Kalgoorlie in May, for a tour with a three games of golf and social events for traveling wives and partners. We also have local midweek competition days run by members (Wednesdays and Thursdays (Other courses)). Feel free to join us for a round on any weekend as a casual visitor and talk to the members or committee

YOU would be most welcome.  


Contact Captain

Keith Mann

Mobile:  0414 751 850

Email: knmann76@gmail.com


email us: scudsgolf@westnet.com.au

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SCUD - A missile with a range of approximately 300 km  used by Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War and in the Gulf Wars about the 1990's often with erratic and inaccurate flight paths and direction.

Perfectly suited to our members ability at golf.

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